The AMIDEX35™ Index

The AMIDEX35™ is a market capitalization weighted index, consisting of the 35 highest capitalized Israeli companies publicly traded on the TASE, NASDAQ, or NYSE. The bi-national nature of the AMIDEX35™ Index differentiates it from other published Israeli-related indices.

Index Current Performance - August 15, 2000
Closing Level: 2442.56     Daily Change: +0.86%     Year To Date: +31.30%

The AMIDEX35™ Index tracks 35 of Israel's largest companies. It is not an investment product available for purchase. Results may materially differ from the AMIDEX35 Mutual Fund. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

The Index accommodates two different time zones, currencies, trading rules, price measuring methods and tax systems. The Index-participating companies represent about 60% of the value of all publicly traded Israeli companies in a broad array of sectors, from banking to high-tech, from retail to pharmaceuticals, from telecommunications to chemicals. It is not possible to invest directly in the Index; investment can be made through the AMIDEX35™ Mutual Fund.

The primary Israeli benchmarks, the TA25 and the TA100, are calculated and published by the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, and focus only on the stocks of Israeli companies traded in Israel. These existing benchmarks therefore fail to capture the impact of the billions of dollars currently invested in other Israeli companies traded in the U.S.





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